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The Burning Cross to Heaven

"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." (Nietzsche)
"I am the first and last.
I am the whore and holy one.
I am lust outwardly,
yet within me is control.
For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace.
Give heed to me.
I alone exist
and have no one to judge me."

Thunder Perfect Mind (link)
Nag Hammadi Library.

The Burning Cross to Heaven.
(Divine Solipsist of an Omniscient God)
I thought, my God,
that on one fine day
I would realize Thee.
To my great surprise
on that wintry night,
'twas You who realized me!
And if all Knowing 
belongs alone to God, 
One omniscient Being,
then in whose mind 
am I currently aware, 
if it be God's Willing?
I know nothing!... my words are mist; God's Word alone exists;
in this unknowingI am Known again, by the Sun-like Solipsist.
"Word" of words; one Page of Light, making all words knowable;
without Your space upon which I write, ideas are but invisible.
I feel I'm quite dead, yet also born again, for death is God also;
and by death's wish, as with life's will, one Ocean ebbs and flows. 
God moves to Know God;
so Heaven heaves its
reflective consciousness.
Cloud of fiery Spirit,
light of bright Soul,
scintillating breathes.
God's Will of the Word
is a weak force unheard,
eternal and universal.
My own will is stronger
at the personal level,
but only for a while.
Thus I put to the test
meditation's emptiness,
in this abyss of nowness.
Ceasing all my willing,
sacrificing self-knowing;
who moves me to exist?
The meek see the Word,
its gravity uplifts them,
restoring the Kingdom.
God's weak Will be done,
lifting my Spirit, on the
burning Cross to Heaven.

The Cloud Mandorla of the Trinity.
"No one can think of God. 
Therefore it is my wish to leave 

everything that I can think of  
and choose for my love 
the thing that I cannot think."
(from, The Cloud of Unknowing,
14th century)

The Lost Child, Found!

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(picture source unknown)
Id, Latin "it", the instincts and energies in the unconscious
mind that underlie all psychological impulses. (Collins)
The Lost Child, Found!
And here he is, home and found,
no-longer lost in subconscious ground;
emerging from a forest, dark and deep,
his animal Spirit kept him safe.
I left you on that sixties shore,
sailed away to a distant world;
where have you been my golden Child,
frozen in the past I left behind.
Without an ego-bridge to get across,
my id-Spirit stayed in a wilderness;
slowly I built a cross for Thee,
made of wood from Adam's tree.
You must have found it in the dark,
straight and narrow with no bark,
climbed above the canopy green,
saw the light of a higher dream.
This totem pole, earth to Heaven,
caduceus for energy sublimation,
is the cross for the Serpent wise,
ankh from which the Sun doth rise.
But wood, by earth, water, and air,
is but a temporary structure here;
and so with fire my Child and I,
called forth the Dragon of the sky.
Together we joined to make a wish,
eternal Soul honed from consciousness;
a Dragon's Pearl, id to Ideal,
my lost Child found, shining real.
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How to Co-Create Thy Soul?

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The Four Elements, 1622.
Isaac Newton"Quintessence is a thing that is spiritual, penetrating, tinging, and
incorruptible, which emerges anew from the four elements when bound to each other."

(Index Chemicus)
Id, Latin "it", the instincts and energies in the unconscious
mind that underlie all psychological impulses. (Collins)
How to Co-Create Thy Soul?
Distil the quintessence of the "Word,"
language of God no ear has heard;
coagulate rubedo into holy wine,
the taste of bliss inside the mind.
Salty id in water's well resides,
basic ingredient to sublimate sublime;
we already co-create ego-identity,
the "thinker" of our lower personality.
Id into libido, instinct-energy flows,
inflating ideas, thought-power grows;
ideation self-defines who we think is real,
the ego-bridge between id and Ideal.
So, with elemental languages four,
we figure-out who in hell we are;
fallen Spirit of the instinctual id,
climbs the Tree of good/evil knowledge.
Earthy instincts get "acted-out;"
watery emotions are feeling states;
airy logic of rational thinking;
fiery intuition, language of dreaming.
Thought-bubbles filled with airy pneuma,
arise from the wellspring reservoir;
we conjure-up our magical name,
from Word of God, the great "I Am."
So four into One must now fuse,
my eternal Soul, the Stone anew;
Cup of salvation for holy blood,
pressed from "grapes of wrath" aflood.
Secret fire ignites, comes into play,
the Phoenix burns to be born again;
libido into mortido must sacrifice,
into death's void my ego dies.
From the Womb of Mind, potentiality,
rebirths the Ideal Self now free;
the ego-bridge is crossed aflame,
destroying, forging a new memBrane.
First we co-create our personalities,
from salt, water, and air conceived;
then the undivided Individual blooms,
the "Flower of Fire," mortido honed.
Four halos, our elements intersect,
to create the Orb of eternal rest;
the Light of fiery fusion ashine,
thoughtless Bubble, "Word" designed.
Instead of thoughts, beliefs, and ideas,
a Self-reflective Sphere appears;
co-created by the power of ideation,
but without words: silent revelation.

The Wavicle

Splendour Solis (16th century).
"A man emerges from a swamp. One arm is white, the other red,
and his body black, thus incorporating the main colour changes
in the alchemical process. His head is metamorphosed into a
glassy sphere." (Adam McLean, the alchemy website.)
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The yin yang Wavicle, pointing and waving since ancient times;
dragon sleeps within unconscious waters (the id), waiting to be activated.
"I baptize you with water. But after me will come one who is more
powerful than I. He will baptize you with the holy spirit and with fire." 
(John the Baptist, Matt 3:11)
"I have come to bring fire on the earth." (Jesus, Luke 12:49)
Id, Latin "it", the instincts and energies in the unconscious
mind that underlie all psychological impulses. (Collins)
The Wavicle.
A miraculous appearance.
Instinctual enLightenment sublimation,
salty id to the Ideal Self elevation;
a process of immanence Seed to Stone,
to reach transcendence, my life atoned.
Four elemental languages understood:
instinct, emotion, logic, and symbolic;
then water turns into the "Word" of Wine,
from the "grapes of wrath" to be refined.
Only a mounting Wave of watery libido,
from the id reservoir unconscious below,
has enough energy to focally converge,
into a quantum Point from salt of earth.
At first life's substance creates ideas,
thought bubbles inflated between the ears;
filled with libidinal wind of the Word,
fallen Spirit into airy voices uttered.
Discursive ideation self-defines identity,
the "thinker" dawns, inflated ego entity;
the "believer," molding energy into forms,
co-creating life by conjuring up dreams.
But life is only half of the equation,
death's fire blackens in self-immolation;
and so now I must die to be rebirthed,
by way of mortido my bubbles burst!
Earth acts out its mode of instinctuality;
water is the language of emotionality;
air communicates with logical thinking;
fire roars with creative destruction.

Collapsing the ego is not for everyone,
few have the resilience to be reborn;
the "death instinct" is the secret flame,
mortido, air into fire deflating me.
Death's blow blows into a Vacuum,
Sunyata, great Void of the Mind~Womb,
conceiving a Child, Homunculus divine,
re-inflating a thoughtless Bubble sublime.
Parting the water's Wave with fiery sword;
from visceral earth, Excalibur drawn;
wielded into the air, one-Pointedness,
unconsumed in the fire of consciousness.
Water pressure has reached its optimal,
evaporating into airy-fire now infernal;
the Dragon of a thousand years unleashed,
lo and behold the Ichthus Beast!
Rational understanding, airy bubbles,
stirred from watery life emotional,
can only last a lifetime as memory,
before energy returns to the reservoir sea.
Id of the animal Spirit must reappear,
be tamed like the pets we hold so dear;
Christ is a human whisperer from myth,
God's Pet, Godzilla, with atomic breath!
A second forging by Jesus the baptizer,
intuitional language, "tongues of fire";
seals the Pearl of the Serpent wise,
Seed into a glassy Sphere that never dies.
Walking on water, a focal convergence,
the Wave converts into Sol emergent;
the Ideal Self from the Void of darkness,
Soul, Seola, "from the sea" interface.
And so the Wavicle Orb is formed,
subatomic "Stone that is not a stone" born;
a quantum Solid, Sol and Spirit fused,
Ra and Uraeus, wedding of Sun and Moon.
Instead of watery-air used to ideate,
another elemental essence can also create;
by the same method we already utilize,
but with zealous fire to wield on high.
Such is the power of mythical streaming,
mortido can transform us in a second;
"where do thoughts come from," is a koan,
the philosophization of our id to Stone.
At rest inside the mirrored Sphere aflame,
thoughtless Bubble of a higher memBrane;
the Helmet of Salvation, Ephesians 6:17;
gold Halo of Uraeus, the Serpent Queen.
InSpiration uncoils the Spirit fallen,
climbs its way back home into the Garden;
Salt of the earth is crystallized ashine,
Salamander to Dragon into Lion sublimed.
Mercurial fire forges the Word of Light,
eternal Sulphur from the Void of night;
life's thread of id ties us to the divine,
the grapevine to Heaven, water to Wine.
The one "Word" is the language of God,
harmony of the Uni-Verse or One-Song;
instinctively known like a tune to a bird,
the Silence, behind all words ever heard.
So back to the start, Ouroboros like,
to come full circle and know the Spark;
the phallic orgasm is a quantum glimpse,
flash-Point of instinctual enLightenment.
Image result for egyptian ouroboros and ra
Ra, the Sun, and Uraeus, the Serpent Spirit, Kundalini,
as the Self-reflecting enLightened mind of Horus. 
Uraeus, she who rises up, the Ouroboros and Halo.
Isaac Newton: "Quintessence is a thing that is spiritual, penetrating, tinging, and
incorruptible, which emerges anew from the four elements when bound to each other."

(Index Chemicus)
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Cultivating Homunculus in a retort (From Goethe’s Faust, 19th-century engraving).
"Let the semen of a man putrefy by itself in a sealed cucurbite.
Mercury is the spirit, sulphur is the soul, salt the body." (Paracelsus)

The Homunculus or divine Filius, created in the alchemical
hermetically-sealed mind or vacuum bubble, the test-tube of
direct experience with the four elements. The process usually
starts with semen, the prima materia or primal matter of instinctual
or libidinal energy, the id of the fiery animal-spirit, the magic dragon
who forges the Child of Heaven, Salt (sal) through Mercury into Sulphur.
"If one does not stand in the darkness, he will not be able to see the light. If one does not understand how fire came into existence, he will burn in it, because he does not know the root of it. If one does not first understand water, he knows nothing. For what use is there for him to be baptized in it? If one does not understand how blowing wind came into existence, he will blow away with it. If one does not understand how body, which he bears, came into existence, he will perish with it."
Saviour of the World, da Vinci.
Jesus, the fire Baptizer, holds a glassy Sphere; his crossed-fingers are the
missing Cross from the Globus cruciger; one points directly to Heaven, the
other to Christ himself. His light reflects in the Sphere, signifying that this
is the mind of the risen one, the crystal clarity of Being. "Unless you become 
like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven." Christ.
Image result for alchemy salamander
(picture from The Book of Lambspring)
From the Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy:
"In Alchemy the salamander is a symbol of the PRIMA MATERIA. In the alchemical
process it plays the role of helping the substance under transformation to give up its
secret fire, which will help the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE claim its final power, as this
alchemical verse describes: 
The Salamander is caught and pierced
So that it dies and yields up its life with its blood.
But this, too, happens for the good;
For from its blood it wins immortal life,
And then death has no more power over it." 

The "Word" before words

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"The death of earth is to become water
and the death of water is to become air
and the death of air is to become fire, and reversely.
He who hears not me but the Logos
will say: All is one." Heraclitus, 500 BCE.
Id, Latin "it", the instincts and energies in the unconscious
mind that underlie all psychological impulses. 
The "Word" before words.
(history of the Pagan Logos and the Ideal Self)
Heaven's heave of Pneuma breathes,
the Word inflates our mortal dreams;
life's divine Wind begins its quest,
the Solarization of consciousness.
The Word began with philosophy,
Heraclitus, the father of this mystery;
the Stoics called it animating fire,
the energy behind all things alive.
"The seed is the Word of God," Jesus;
Spirit of the Logos in all of us;
implies that the Word begins as latent,
and grows via a process of immanence.
Thus the Word of God was born;
the Mind behind all minds formed;
Spirit wound up in each human coil;
the Orphic Egg of our potential.
This Gnostic spark of living flame,
is the id of the animal totem;
the Magic Bean grows into a Vine,
the "true Word" of our Christ divine.
Earthen id into watery libido flows,
libido inflates airy ideas aglow;
ideas self-reflect who I think I am,
playing a role in this world of time.
And so the one "Word" activates;
inside the mind ideas formulate;
this creative power shapes boundaries,
thought bubbles from the primal Sea.
The "God Mind" now becomes human,
Spirit of the id into ideas fallen;
ideation self-defines into an identity;
ego persona rises above collectivity.
The power of thinking is a revelation,
dominates life with its formulations;
inventing a rocket to the moon above;
molding id energy from lust into love.
But one more great leap is required,
to bloom the Word from Vine to Flower;
Thanatos, love's partner in operation,
the energy of death and destruction.
Watery libido from the id reservoir,
Word of creation explained thus far;
turns wrathful to transcend this world,
to inflate the Soul, eternal healed.
Mortido, power of the via negativa,
fills the Halo with fiery pneuma;
Spirit of the Word as the Holy Ghost,
puts on a "New Skin," no longer lost.
This baptism of fire cleanses,
deflates mental matter all discursive;
forges a memBrane that never ends;
thoughtless Bubble on high ascends.
Heaven heaves life's airy zephyr,
inflation by fire that lasts forever;
earth transformed into Light ashine,
water into the blood of Holy Wine.
Essence of ideas, Spirit clarified,
ousia, 'I' reflection polished sublime;
Thinker without thoughts residual,
Ideal Self, the undivided Individual.
One "Word" of the Pagan Logos,
visioned by the nous of Heraclitus;
the Mind of God reflecting "I Am",
Cloud Mandorla of the nameless Name.

"No one can think of God. 
Therefore it is my wish to leave 
everything that I can think of  
and choose for my love 
the thing that I cannot think."
(from, The Cloud of Unknowing,
14th century)
The Trinity of God, breathing forth the Cloud of All-encompassing Spirit,
the Breath of pneumatic consciousness, inflating all things with the divine
energy of life. Christ sacrifices the "old skin" of human ignorance, and
ascends to Heaven in his "New Skin" or Soul memBrane, inflated with the 
Wind "that blows wherever it pleases." The "Word" remembered returns
into the Cloud Mandorla of God's pre-sensory Presence, the unborn Mind
behind the innate patterns of life (mathematical, psychological, mythological,
etc) that in themselves signify an underlying Intelligence.   
for more on the id, ideas, identity and the ideal, see my poem:

Walking on Water

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Walking on Water
The waves of life's vicissitudes,
flow from morning till night is due;
along the course of the golden day,
I must somehow keep my head all dry.
But the Ocean of unconsciousness,
pulls with desire upon my feet;
wants to drown me back again,
into the churning Sea of dreams.
How can I remain in One-pointedness,
above the dramas and the stress;
walk on water atop the commotion,
be the fire that dries emotion?
The light of consciousness dawns,
from the depths of darkness born;
where swims Leviathan or God-zilla,
God's instinctual Pet and co-creator.
This Spirit-Serpent from below,
is the Dragon with her Pearl;
sent by God to rescue Jonah
from the swirling, sleepy water.
The sol-like Soul, winged Orb,
Rock of Ages, philosopher's Stone;
reborn from a Monstrum wise,
walks across the waves of time.
Upon heavy waters a golden glow,
the lightness of an airy blow;
frees the Pearl from earth's keeping,
my Soul, forged of fiery breathing.
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